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Spooky Home Tour

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At the recommendation of a friend I flew around back home to get some pictures. Here's Rice Lake & Mikana, WI! (and some awesome shots of Long Lake).

Weather was set to live, but the time was moved earlier so the footage wouldn't be too dark to see. It was a windy night which made flying interesting to say the least.

I started from Rice Lake Airport then headed North, accidentally followed M and went to Long Lake. From there I made my way to Angus which put me back on track to go South Down 48 to Mikana. I was snapchatting some friends who wanted to see Rice Lake so I made it a whole double tour lol.

From Mikana I headed back towards Rice Lake down 48 southbound until I overshot and hit Oakdale Rd back to take me westbound into town. Got some more shots after the clouds rolled in. Eventually made my way back to the airport.