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Welcome to Ludo Air!

Ludo Air is part portfolio project, part travel blog and part virtual flight tours. All thanks to the amazing Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Whether you want to:

This space is dedicated to the majesty of flight sim!

About Me

This project in many ways is a culmination of who I am.


Have a question that isn't answered below? Send an email!


How do I "fly" with you?

Since Flight sim doesn't actually have a way for you to join me in the same plane (yet), I would share my screen over your choice of Discord, Twitch, etc.

If you just want footage without tagging along I can record that for you as well.

How much does it cost?

I charge $1 per minute for virtual flights.

How does scheduling a flight work?

Once you send me an email, I'll respond to confirm the details of your flight, or let you know if the time you chose won't work for me. We'll figure out what streaming platform works best for you (I can use Discord, Twitch, Zoom, you name it).

I'll share my screen and take you on the trip you booked!

If you're not coming with then just use the Date selector to indicate when you want the footage by.

Where do you travel?

Wherever you want to go! Flight sim has the whole world mapped out with satellite images and 3D generated buildings.

Clients & Employers - Web Development

How was this made?

In an effort to become a web developer I've created this site using the following process and tools.


  1. Set a deadline of 3 weeks from start to publish. (April 6th to April 27th, 2023)
  2. Planned the information architecture by answering questions related to this project's context, content and users.
  3. Wrote up a strategy document with content rules, templates and analysis from the previous step.
  4. Created design plans (wireframe, metadata to use, style & content rules, etc) based on my research to guide development.
  5. Set up the development environment, site generator plugins, created test content.
  6. Implemented the design plan. Built HTML templates, created layout and worked on the main features of the site.
  7. Tested and refined the website.
  8. Upload new flights as I go after publishing.


Where can I get in touch?

If you want to hire me, send an email to:

For all other inquiries:

If you want to see more of my work I have other websites as well:

What did you learn from this project?

I learned the following lessons from this project:

People using the images

How are these photos licensed?

All photos are licensed under the Creative Commons - CC BY-NC-SA.

That means if you share these that you should:

If you do want to use these images commercially, I'll accept a one time payment of $5 per image and you can use them how you'd like!

In return I'll send you images without the watermarks to use royalty free.

Send an email to discuss more:

I won't sue you over this or anything (nobody has time for that), it's mostly just a gesture of good will that if you want to use these images commercially that you compensate me for my time. Plus I'll share your work with my fans if you do!